Manual Process

The management of TV campaigns is too laborious, requires too many manual operations.

Limited Targeting

Linear TV targeting does not yet integrate the capabilities offered in the digital world.

“Silo” Approach

No market tool to support the convergence of measures and practices (Total Video).

Market Confusion

Fragmentation of the offer, appetite of the GAFAs and lack of coherence between the stakeholders.

Automated Process

We automate the manual stages of the campaign life cycle as much as possible to allow agencies to exercise their expertise.

Enhanced Targeting

We offer improved targeting capabilities in line with market standards thanks to new affinity marketing indicators.

Total Video Approach

We offer a modern technological environment to manage offline and online campaigns.


We guarantee the transparency of methods and indicators as well as compliance with market standards.

Our mission: To meet the best of the two worlds

To take advantage from the most advanced technologies and
digital best practices to modernize TV buying processes
as well as preserving the robustness of this
traditionnal media.


Products & Solutions

Cross Media

Strategic cross-media simulation tool.
Evaluation of multimedia coverage and preservation of mono-media integrity.


API access to the French TV inventory.
For all ad slots, audiences, prices., extrapolations, and market history.


Our main solution:
DSP for linear TV and video.
Platform facilitating all stages of the life cycle of a TV campaign (from the initial plan to invoicing).


Affinity measurement based on marketing segments (CRM, 2nd & 3rd party data advertiser).
Availability of indicators in the DMP/DSP.
Transparency of the indicator creation process.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced and personalized reporting.
Integration of additional data and (third-party internal tools, DWs, etc.).

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